5G Wastes Huge Amounts of Energy

Some estimates say that millions of new antennas will be needed for the 5G system in the United States alone.* That suggests that 5G energy use will far exceed that of its predecessors. If so, the system would be a huge energy-waster. One study suggests wireless systems use at least 10 times the energy of wired systems.

Those concerned about fossil fuel depletion and climate change have good reason to be concerned about the effect of 5G on available energy resources and climate.

Dangers to Pets, Wildlife, Trees and Plants

It should come as no surprise that wireless radiation is just as dangerous for animals as it is for humans. Your dog, cat, bird or other animal is vulnerable to damage from the emissions of cellphones, cell antennas and other wireless devices.

Even animals in the wild are at risk if they roam or fly in areas flooded with wireless radiation. The decline in bee populations—which are essential for pollinating food crops—has been linked in part to the increase in wireless radiation in the environment. In fact, birds and many other animal species are affected as well.

Even trees and plants are affected by wireless radiation which can travel many miles from a cell tower. The death of trees near cell towers has been linked to exposure to wireless radiation from those towers.

Evidence is mounting concerning the effects of wireless radiation on domestic animals, wildlife and plants. Expect more disturbing news as radiation levels continue to ramp up.

*For more information about this issue, referred to as antenna densification, read 5G: Under the Hood.

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