A Critical Choice for You and Your Loved Ones

Lurking behind the sparkling commercials about the coming of 5G wireless networks are dangers most people are unaware of.  When understood, those dangers have led to a growing rejection of this flawed technology that is both unhealthy and unnecessary.

That’s why each of us has an important choice to make: Will we allow 5G to be forced upon us by the wireless industry, only to find out after it’s too late that our health, our security, and our privacy have been compromised? Or will we insist on a safe system of internet and telecommunications technology—what we are calling SafeG—that protects our health, our privacy and our security while delivering service that is far faster, more robust, and more secure than an all-wireless system provides?

Which will it be?


Choose a future that respects our health, privacy and security and takes advantage of evolving technologies which are safe, fast, reliable and secure and which PROGRESSIVELY LOWER our exposure to unhealthy wireless radiation.


Allow the wireless industry to dictate our future by forcing us all to become dependent on an inferior, less reliable, less secure wireless system that VASTLY INCREASES our involuntary exposure to dangerous wireless radiation.

Far Greater Exposure

Everywhere new 5G-related antennas are installed, they will shower radiation on us 24/7/365. And special higher-intensity antennas, which use so-called beam-forming technology, will concentrate their radiation creating significant additional risks. We and our children will be under continuous assault:

  • In our homes.
  • In our workplaces.
  • While we shop.
  • At our favorite restaurants.
  • In our churches.
  • At our children’s schools.
  • At our toddlers’ daycare.
  • When we sleep.
  • Even when we are out for a walk on any city street or in any city park.

And, we will NOT be able to turn that radiation off…ever!

So, What Exactly Is SafeG?

SafeG is a vision for a safe, reliable alternative to the dangerous future which 5G would create. SafeG is not a single product or service, but a framework for an internet and telecommunications system that respects our health, our privacy, our security and our right to choose what is best for ourselves and our communities. Here is how we define SafeG:

SafeG means safe, fast, reliable, secure internet and telecommunications services brought into our homes and businesses by wired technology. It means technology that safeguards our health, privacy and security and that evolves over time with the goal of reducing exposure to harmful wireless radiation.

A Broad Range of Wireless Health Impacts

Recent research clearly links the kind of wireless radiation emitted by cellphones to cancer and suggests that this radiation is also linked to a growing list of serious health effects. In addition, some 5G frequencies are in the new millimeter band of the electromagnetic spectrum and linked to a whole new set of health conditions. Below we list just some of those conditions:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Low sperm count and fertility impairment
  • Neurological effects
  • DNA damage
  • Heart palpitations
  • Depression
  • Memory loss
Worse with 5G
  • Damage to the eyes (cataracts, retina damage)
  • Blindness
  • Hearing loss and deafness
  • Skin damage and skin cancer
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Damage to plants and trees
  • Collapse of insect populations, especially those that pollinate food crops and serve as food for birds and other wildlife.

But perhaps most important of all, research indicates that children are more vulnerable to damage from wireless radiation than adults.

Which Would You Choose?

SafeG is About Choice

SafeG accepts the right of homeowners and businesses to decide for themselves whether to have wired or wireless networks on their premises without forcing that choice on others as the wireless industry wishes to do on all of us through 5G. This is because 5G-related antennas would be deployed closely spaced in our residential neighborhoods, parks, shopping districts, business districts and business parks without any of us having a say. Many of those antennas broadcast powerful wireless radiation into our homes and around our communities 24/7/365. And, we can never turn them off. (For more information about this issue, referred to as antenna densification, read 5G: Under the Hood. Hint: It’s mostly 4G antennas which are on all the time and now much closer to you.)

The definition of SafeG recognizes that consumers will drive innovation through demand for safe and reliable wired technologies—innovation that will make our internet and telecommunications services safer, faster, more secure and more energy-efficient. We expect that demand to incentivize manufacturers and service providers to create ever more innovative and convenient wired services and devices for homes, shops, businesses, and even public spaces.

Reasons Beyond Health

By itself health ought to be reason enough to insist on SafeG for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. But there are other reasons why 5G threatens our well-being and peace of mind and why SafeG is a far better choice.

  1. Privacy and Security Dangers
    The vast increase in the number of wireless devices and antennas accompanying 5G deployment would make it almost impossible to secure our data for the simple reason that there will be so many more points from which it could be hacked. The much-touted Internet of Things—which would tie all our household electronic devices and appliances, vehicles and personal wireless devices to the internet—would simply pave the way for malevolent hackers to gain control of our homes and our lives.

    This has already been a concern for critical public infrastructure such as water treatment and electric power plants. Now, such security risks will come right into our homes. In addition, wireless companies will undermine our privacy by gathering immense amounts of personal data through “smart” appliances, sensors deployed in “smart” cities, and personal cellphones—data concerning our whereabouts and our daily habits, online and on the street. (For more, see our discussion of “Privacy and Security Issues.”)

  2. Decline in Property Values
    As the public learns more and more about the negative health effects of wireless radiation, people will understandably be less willing to live near cellphone antennas. The utility-pole-mounted antennas which the wireless industry is planning to deploy closely spaced in our neighborhoods could cause significant declines in the value of properties located in such neighborhoods, particularly if the antennas are right outside the home. One study calculated that homes near existing cellphone towers sell for up to 20 percent less than those further away in the same neighborhoods. (For more, see our discussion of “5G & Property Values.”)

  3. Loss of Local Control
    The wireless industry has made an all-out assault on local control of wireless infrastructure. The industry has successfully lobbied the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency which oversees wireless carriers, to revoke the power of cities and counties to determine what constitutes safe siting and operation of wireless antennas. (For more, see our discussion of “5G & Local Control.)

Let’s Make Our Voices Heard

Given what’s at stake, we hope you will join us to create a new conversation about our internet and telecommunications future. We can have a future that protects our health, our privacy and our security and allows us to embrace the emerging capabilities of our information and communications systems. If you’d like to be part of making that future happen, consider staying informed by signing up for our email list. Also please consider donating whatever you can afford to help us move toward a SafeG future for everyone.