Video Content for Newcomers

Here we feature videos we find particularly useful for those new to the issue of wireless radiation dangers. For those who are seasoned activists, we encourage you to share these videos widely with family, friends, co-workers, public officials and others who are just beginning to learn about wireless radiation issues.

“Humanity at a Crossroads: New Insights Into Technology Risks for Humans and the Planet”, Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, December 3rd, 2019.

This program presents the biological and health effects of both natural electromagnetic waves innate to the body and man-made electromagnetic waves from wireless technologies, including discussion about 4G/5G antenna densification. It also address the mental health and relational impacts of tech overuse and addiction. Importantly, new scientific understanding is shared by a former telecom industry director of research and development about what is driving the biological effects, that relates to our body being mostly comprised of water. We learn how wireless radiation instantly changes biology, with system-wide effects. Click here to access the videos.

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From the site:
5G wireless… the industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy — yet THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies show the risks it presents. Learn about the dangers and find solutions in your community!

‘Travels & Traditions’ Program Examines Wireless Radiation Dangers

Producer and writer Burt Wolf’s travel, culture and food programs have appeared on PBS stations across the country for years. In two 25-minute programs Wolf takes an entertaining and informative look at safety and health issues surrounding cellphones and the cell antennas that service them. He also raises the alarm about the dangers of 5G wireless. The programs provide easy-to-understand illustrations of the dangers of wireless communications and simple suggestions for protecting oneself and one’s families.

A Short Guide to Cellphone Safety

The Danger of RF Radiation